Charity no. 1108278

Severn Trent Trust Fund supports Mr W.

Mr W dramatically suffered from ritualistic childhood sexual abuse, which has forced a massive impact on his health and life as an adult.

The traumatic experience that Mr W has suffered has left him scarred internally and externally, and now suffers from depression, psychosis, paranoia, PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks. Due to Mr W suffering from his many mental health issues he has not been able to work.

The child sex gang that Mr W was abused by for a long time tried to arrange a hit on him which luckily failed but none the less left Mr W with scars on his face and head after being viciously beaten with a metal implement.

His health issues has meant he has not been able to work and struggles on a very low income.

Mr W explained to Auriga that he was sleeping on a double mattress on a concrete floor, an award was made of £112.92 to hopefully help relieve some financial pressure. A double bed was also awarded to hopefully help with his recovery. The trust fund which was dealing with Mr W also recognised he would greatly benefit from the big difference scheme which has now been granted to his account.

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