Mavis gets cooking

Mavis is 60 and lives in Kingstanding, Birmingham.   Mavis received support from The Birmingham Disability Resource Centre (BDRC), after the death of her husband left her not only coping with grief and loss but the harsh reality of dealing with her finances and the practicalities on her own.

On the death of her husband, Mavis was thrown into a world of financial chaos. Unused to dealing with finances, prioritising bills and physically working out how to apportion what money goes where, she soon found herself with problems. She’d also had to move properties, and it was a blow to discover her cooker did not fit the kitchen. With just Jobseekers Allowance as her income, she had no spare cash to buy vital white goods, and her family were not in a position to help.

Mavis was referred to one of the organisations supported by funds from the Severn Trent Trust Fund.  They began by helping to confirm her needs, and as she only had a microwave, she was most definitely a priority. BDRC then contacted the Severn Trent Trust Fund on behalf of Mavis, and helped her fill in the application forms – again something she had little experience of doing. In just a couple of weeks there was a positive result, and Mavis’ new cooker was on its way. Needless to say, when BDRC called her with the news, Mavis was absolutely delighted.  But help didn’t stop there. Severn Trent Trust Fund believes there’s no point just handing out help and then walking away. If clients need additional support and if we can teach them how to avoid similar situations in the future, then that’s a job properly done.

To this end, Mavis was also given advice on issues around money management and how she could deal with her outstanding financial issues. She also attended a money management courses which will help her better manage into the future. She was also advised to pay her water bills through regular standing orders, to avoid accruing any future financial problems. Mavis says, “It’s such a relief to have this help and I can’t say thank you enough to Severn Trent and BDRC. The help I had made me cope better with life and I’m much happier now.”

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