The team at Severn Trent Trust Fund are committed to helping people get the support and help they need to deal with their debts. Knowing that this has been achieved is satisfying enough but sometimes the individuals involved let us know how grateful they are, which is a lovely added bonus.

This was the case with Jenny who wrote a letter to thank the team and say what a difference the Trust had made to her financial situation.

Our team secured a grant for Jenny to clear all her outstanding water charges and made an application to the Big Difference Scheme, which was approved, reducing her future water bills significantly.

Jenny had found herself in a position of not being able to meet all of her bills because of ill. She had become self-employed because she was unable to hold down a job but her income was not sufficient to meet all of the household bills and debts started to accrue.

With an 18 year old daughter at home to support and a partner that can only provide limited help because of his own health issues, Jenny was in need of a helping hand.

Our team has worked with Jenny to agree repayments for all of her debts and establish budgets for the future. With the help of the Big Difference Scheme Jenny will be able to maintain her reduced ongoing water charges now that her arrears have been cleared, putting her back in control of her finances.

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