Tips and Advice to help save money this Christmas

The cost of Christmas is for many an expensive time of year. Current figures show that the average cost of Christmas is £800. When taking that into consideration it is easy to see why people can fall into debt around Christmas time or struggle to keep up with paying their bills. With the winter season in full swing and the need to keep houses warm and hot water running, the festive season can become an expensive and stressful worry that households could do without.

To help save money this Christmas, we have pulled together a list of hints and tips that you could do around the house to keep warm as well as possibly save some money during this festive season:

  1. Tin Foil – Using a thin sheet of card cover it with tinfoil and place it behind your radiators, this will reflect the heat back into your rooms – warming up your rooms faster and retaining more heat.
  2. Pipe Lagging – Pipe Lagging (insulating hot water pipes with foam tubes) keeps the water inside your pipes hotter for longer and protects against the cold. It also makes your heating and hot water more efficient.
  3. Draught Proof Your Home – If you live in a house that suffers with draught then filling in the gaps around windows and doors can help you save on your heating bills. All you need to do is purchase draughter excluder (no more than a couple of pounds) and make sure it fits and you can start saving!
  4. Close the Curtains – This may sound a daft one we know, but heat escapes quicker through windows, before it starts getting dark in the evening make sure you do close the curtains and keep the warmth in.
  5. Roll out a Rug – Wooden flooring is a great way for heat to escape, putting down a rug covers up the gaps and keeps the warmth in.
  6. Bleed your Radiators – Always make sure your radiators are warming to the top, if they aren’t the chances are you’ll need to bleed your radiators.
  7. Get your Boiler Serviced – Ensuring you look after your boiler will mean that it lasts longer and works more efficiently. Make sure your boiler is serviced annually to ensure it is working to the best of its abilities.
  8. Know your Temperature – Always aim to set your main room thermostat between 18 to 21°C, instead of turning the thermostat up all the way when it’s getting cold! It also helps to set your thermostat to one temperature and leave it on a timer to help saving wasting any excess energy.
  9. Plan Ahead – Planning ahead is always a great idea, whether your saving for Christmas presents or getting your house winter ready. Preparing and saving in advance will give you a head start to a successful Christmas!
  10. Knowing Who to Turn to – If you are struggling this festive season and need help or advice then knowing who to speak to is important, check out our website here for a list of useful contacts who can help you.

We hope you find these tips useful for a successful and cost effective Christmas. If you have any tips that you use let us know them! Get in touch with us via our Facebook Page or our Twitter Page and we can share them with others.

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