Severn Trent Trust Fund helps Ms Grant get back on track

Ms Grant* is a lone parent to 2 teenage children, one who is disabled and the other who suffers with severe behavioural and mental health problems.

Due to misconduct, arising from years of being bullied at work, she had to stop working.

At this time, Ms Grant’s daughter’s health deteriorated which led to her spending months in a mental hospital.

Although her daughter is now back at home, she is still very destructive around the house and the room that she shares with her disabled sister. Ms Grant would like them in separate rooms but is unable to be considered for a move due to rent arrears.

All these factors as well as being reliant on Disability Living Allowance (DLA), put a lot of pressure on Ms Grant which in turn drove her to suffer from anxiety. At the same time household debts were building up and she was unsure what to do.

After speaking to an advisor at Aspire Housing, Ms Grant was told about the Severn Trent Trust Fund. The advisor went through the Trust Fund application form, to complete her income and expenditure as well as the debts that she was struggling to pay.


Severn Trent Trust Fund considered Ms Grant’s situation and were able to award her a grant of £1,289.11 to clear all outstanding arrears, bringing her account back up to date.

*Please note the person’s name has been changed to protect their privacy. 

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