Severn Trent Trust Fund provides Miss Knott with a fresh start

Miss Knott* is 50 years old and lives alone in the West Midlands. She is totally reliant on a benefit income after her part time job came to an end. Adding to this, Miss Knott has recently been in remission after beating breast cancer.

Being on a lower income has left her struggling on a minimal amount to live on each week. Arrears for water, rent, gas and electric were increasing and Miss Knott realised she desperately needed help.

She submitted an application to the Severn Trent Trust Fund and was awarded a grant for £164.99 was awarded to clear all outstanding water arrears.

Miss Knott was also advised to apply for Severn Trent Water’s social tariff, Big Difference Scheme, which allows customers to get up to 90% off their water bill. As well as this, she was signposted to the British Gas Energy Trust Fund for further help.

Miss Knott said “I am so happy to have received help with my water bill, you have made it much better for me to cope.”

The help received from Severn Trent Trust Fund has now provided Miss Knott with a fresh start.

*Please note the name has been changed to protect the person’s privacy.

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