Severn Trent Trust Fund helps university student

Miss H lives in Coventry, she was unfortunately diagnosed with autism at a young age which can lead to high levels of anxiety and depression.

Miss H started university in 2015 where she struggled to cope with the social aspects such as interacting with the other students. These issues led to Miss H failing her 1st year of university. Remarkably Miss H was able to retake her first year and passed dealing and coping with struggles on the way.

During Miss H 3rd year at university she was the lead tenant of the student accommodation that she shared with 2 other flatmates. Due to Miss H suffering from high levels of anxiety and depression she was unable to cope with the basics of her day to day tasks, such as attending lectures, studying, cooking and also managing finances. All of these issues began to progress worse as time went on, which had a huge effect on her mental and physical health and left her in a financial debt with her water arrears.

Due to Miss H health issues she was forced with no option but to university and move back home with her parents without finishing her degree, she was left owing a student loan amount as well as debts for her gas, water and electric. As Miss H is under 25 she is on the lowest amount of universal credit available therefore she was unable to pay any amount towards her arrears.

Miss H sent an application to Severn Trent Trust Fund in hope of some form of help/support.

A grant was approved of £308.98 to clear her water debt at her previous property, resulting in relieving some of the financial pressure she is under.

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