Severn Trent Trust Fund helps Mr Martin in time of need

Mr Martin* lives in the West Midlands and is reliant on a benefit income. Mr Martin suffers with learning difficulties and as such has always lived with his mother.

Unfortunately Mr Martin’s mother was suddenly taken ill and was diagnosed with extensive cancer, sadly passing away shortly afterwards in March of this year.

Still coming to terms with this bereavement, Mr Martin is now being supported by his sister who has moved in with him after fleeing domestic violence from her partner. She has now opened a new water account in her name only and their father who is terminally ill is also offering financial support to ensure all debts are cleared.

Despite the support, Mr Martin is still struggling to clear the debt on his closed account due to currently being subject to a sanction on his universal credit.

The family are also hopeful that they will be rehoused soon as Mr Martin has been the victim of bullying and harassment on the estate on which they currently live.


The trust fund was happy to award a grant of £516.25 to Mr Martin allowing him to clear all of his outstanding water charges and providing him with a new start.

*Please note the name has been changed to protect the person’s privacy.

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