Severn Trent Trust Fund helps Miss Hill relieve the pressure

Miss Hill is a single parent to her three year old son, living in the East Midlands. She currently does not receive any financial support from the child’s father and is reliant on a benefit income.

To help manage her finances, Miss Hill had set up her payment plans with companies but after a short time began to struggle and maintain them. This resulted in Miss Hill borrowing from her brother which has increased her debt situation creating additional pressure and stress.

With her financial situation unlikely to improve in the near future, and Miss Hill’s budget unable to meet the cost of her arrears and on-going charges an application was made to the Severn Trent Trust Fund for help with her debts.

The Trust approved a grant to help relieve some of the financial pressure that Miss Hill currently faces and allow her to focus on a more positive future for herself and her three year old son.

Outcome: A grant for £119.43 was awarded to clear all outstanding charges.

*Please note the name has been changed for privacy reasons.

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