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Neighbourhood kindness and Severn Trent Trust Fund turn George’s life around

Looking out for your neighbours is something that does not always happen in the busy world we live in but this is exactly what happened when Sharon helped George take control of his finances with the help of the Severn Trent Trust Fund (STTF).

Seventy two year old George lives next door to Sharon in Kings Heath.  He is retired and lives alone and has suffered from some serious health issues in recent years.   It was when the bailiffs came to call that Sharon stepped in to help George and change his life for the better.

Sharon and the STTF team were able to assist George to clear water arrears and increase his income by about £9,000 a year, so that he could afford new essential appliances for his home and medical treatments for his health.

George’s situation is typical of many who find themselves alone, and develop medical issues that restrict their ability to cope with the everyday tasks that most of us take for granted.  George had tried to get help but believed that he was not entitled to any benefits and he built up debts with all of his household bills.

Sharon had already been in touch with some of the utility suppliers to tackle individual debts when she contacted STTF and realised that they could help in other ways and not just with the water debt.

In addition to awarding a grant to clear water debt, the STTF assessor identified that George was missing benefits. He was then referred to the welfare benefits adviser at STTF, who was able to help George gain Attendance Allowance, Pension Credit, Housing Benefit and a Council Tax Reduction.  George also had a water meter fitted which has reduced his annual bills going forward to just 5% of what they were previously.

“The support we received from STTF has been amazing,” says Sharon “It is wonderful to see George safe in his own home and with a life that he can enjoy and look forward to.”

“There are too many people like George, struggling financially and not knowing how to get help, I wish they all knew about the Severn Trent Trust Fund (STTF).”

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