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Mr L, helped through Severn Trent Trust Fund

Mr L lives in the West Midlands, he suffers with severe anxiety, depression and learning difficulties. Due to significant changes in his household this has led to Mr L struggling to pay his bills.

Unfortunately Mr L mother has been taken into care and his brother is currently hospitalised due to mental health issues. Due to this, Mr L has seen his household income reduce, bills have built up and he was also faced with becoming liable to pay bedroom tax. Mr L applied for Universal Credit, which took over 5 weeks for him to receive his first payment which led to his financial situation becoming even more desperately severe.

An application was made to the Severn Trent Trust Fund to help Mr L with the water arrears that he had built up. A grant was approved of £658 to help clear outstanding arrears that were owed and take some of the financial pressure off Mr L.

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