Mr Johnson gets help from the Severn Trent Trust Fund

Mr Johnson*, a pensioner from the West Midlands, is reliant on Pension Credit and Personal Independent Payment (PIP) to cope with daily living and support his mobility needs.

He lives at home with his non-dependent son who contributes to the household each week. He also has a history of depression and bipolar disorder.

During 2017 Mr Johnson was admitted to hospital and subsequently spent the next four and a half months there. Whilst in hospital Mr Johnson contracted MRSA and had to have the lower part of his right leg amputated as well as four toes on his left foot.

Mr Johnson hadn’t accounted for being in hospital for so long or the physical impact it would have on his body. During this time, he struggled to maintain control of his finances and as a result fell behind with a number of financial commitments such as water and sewerage charges. These debts became a worry to Mr Johnson and further exacerbated his depression.

He is currently being supported by SSAFA (Armed Forces Charity) and with their help, hopes to regain some of his independence, which will in turn enhance his mental well being. SSAFA applied to the Severn Trent Trust Fund on behalf of Mr Johnson to gain help to clear his water arrears.


A grant for £705.36 was successfully awarded by the Severn Trent Trust Fund to clear all outstanding arrears, which brought Mr Johnson’s account up to date. This has relieved some pressure on him.

*Please note the person’s name has been changed to protect their privacy. 

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