Mr Billings grateful for help from Severn Trent Trust Fund

Mr Billings* is a widower who lives in the West Midlands with his child. They are reliant on a benefit income.

Mr Billings wife suddenly passed away. He was finding it difficult to cope with the bereavement and carry on with his life.

His wife managed the household bills, due to him struggling with long term literacy difficulties. It was soon that household debts began to build up which he kept blocking out.

Mr Billings eventually met a new partner, who had a child. It became clear she was alcohol dependant and struggling to care for the child, this resulted in Mr Billings giving up his job to care for the child. He made the decision to not return to work until his child started school. This was to ensure that his son had some stability after a very chaotic start in life.

During a regular meeting with his support worker, Mr Billings shared his worries about the household debt he has accrued. The support worker recommended he apply to the Severn Trent Trust Fund for help with water debt. An application was submitted to clear the arrears on his account.

The Trust Fund awarded Mr Billings £868.28 to clear all the outstanding arrears on the account. They also referred him to the Big Difference Scheme , which is a Severn Trent Water Scheme that customers can get up to 90% discount off their annual water bill. Mr Billings was accepted on to this scheme, this would help him manage his water bills better in the future.

Mr Billings said, “I was truly overwhelmed and tearful when I read the letter awarding the grant. It has been a tough time for me, but knowing there are organisations like Severn Trent Trust Fund to help people like me to get back on their feet is very reassuring. Thank You.”

*Please note the name has been changed to protect the person’s privacy.

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