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Miss B receives £486 from Trust Fund to help her with financial pressure

Miss B is a lone parent on a low benefit income who suffers with bipolar disorder and is facing financial hardship.

Miss B’s benefits were reduced a year ago and since then she has been suffering from anxiety and depression, being unable to manage her finances.

Within her online application she told Auriga the following

Last September my daughter needed socks and I didn’t have money for food never mind socks it was that bad so I went into Asda and walked out with some socks.  I was caught and banned from the shop with a caution.  I have never shop lifted in my life,  I’m a 47 year old woman and never done it, it’s quite upsetting to admit this and I am deeply ashamed my ten year old daughter may find out.  But not having enough money to live on made me turn to desperate measures.”

An award has been made of £486 from the Trust Fund to help relieve some of the financial pressure she is currently under, she was also referred to the big difference scheme to reduce her ongoing costs.

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