Making money work puts mark on the right track

Mark first heard about the Making Money Work scheme when he realised he couldn’t afford to pay his water bill. After speaking to Severn Trent Water about his situation, he was referred to the Making Money Work scheme and put on a payment plan that worked for him.

“I was in a situation where I felt I’d lost control,” says Mark. “It was a massive relief to talk to someone about it, and when I heard about the Making Money Work scheme I jumped at the chance of some help.”

The Making Money Work scheme, funded by the Severn Trent Trust Fund and provided by the Staffordshire North and Stoke on Trent CAB is designed to provide a long term debt solution to help people improve their money management skills.

Mark was invited to a one on one session with a specially trained adviser to talk about his debt issues and how he could better plan his budget.

“It was fantastic to have individual attention, it meant I could talk about my debt issues in privacy,” says Mark. “I learnt so much in just hour and a half – how to prioritise the most urgent bills, how to track what I was spending, and most importantly, not to panic!”

Mark says that since the course he is far more able to manage his money effectively.

“Obviously there’s no quick fix, but now I know how I can manage my money to the absolute best effect. I would recommend the Making Money Work workshop to anyone struggling with money problems in a heartbeat.”

Simon Harris, CEO at Staffordshire North and Stoke on Trent CAB commented,

“The Making Your Money Work programme includes regular one to one mentoring and guidance in budgeting skills that is offered for a full seven months. This combination will provide strong foundations for the future helping people move forward with their finances under much more control rather than just a quick fix to solve an immediate problem.”

Stuart Braley CEO of Auriga services, the administrators of the Severn Trent Trust Fund added, “We are delighted to  have the opportunity to  fund projects like this  that offer new ways of helping people out of debt and great to know that individuals like Mark really are benefiting.”

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