Lone Parent Helped

Miss W is a lone parent to her three year old son. She has recently moved back in with her parents after struggling physically and financially to manage on a daily basis. She is currently unable to pay her water arrears from her previous address which is putting her in even more financial difficulty.

Miss W is severely disabled which requires care from her parents on a daily basis. She is also partially sighted, diabetic and is on the organ donor list awaiting kidney and pancreas transplants.

As Miss W is unable to work this has resulted in a limited income, as well as buying food and clothing for herself and her son she also has to contribute to her parents household. This has left her with no available income towards her water arrears.

An application to the Severn Trent Trust Fund was made by Miss W explaining the situation that she was in. A total grant of £1060.16 has been approved by the Trust to clear the arrears at her previous property to allow her to focus on a positive future and to take a little pressure off her and her son.

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