The Big Difference Scheme helps Mrs Cave deal with the unexpected

It seems that cancer is forever in the news these days and there are not many lives that have not been touched in some way by this dreadful disease.  Recent statistics from the Macmillan charity make for stark reading:

  • There are now an estimated 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK, rising to 4 million by 2030; and
  • By the end of this year 1,000 people per day will be diagnosed with cancer.

Whilst the emotional costs of dealing with cancer are high, the financial impact can be devastating. This was the case for Janet Cave when she approached STTF for help with her water bills.

Janet was working full time and caring for her husband, who has multiple sclerosis, when she herself was diagnosed withnon-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Janet found herself in the unexpected position of not being able to work for two years as she spent more time in hospital.  She was undergoing regular chemotherapy and was often hospitalised as her immune system was severely compromised and the slightest infection was very serious for her.  Janet’s sick pay from her employer had stopped after 12 months and she had been unable to secure disability payments.  Despite the pressure, Janet had re-organised the household finances and cut back on non-essentials to avoid slipping into debt.

Looking forward Janet was concerned about keeping up payments, especially water and power as it was vital to have adequate warmth and water to deal with both medical conditions in the home.

“Being diagnosed with cancer was devastating for me,” says Janet.  “I had a lot to cope with and the added pressure of worrying about money was difficult.  I have always worked and never thought that I would be in a position of not being able to pay our bills.”

“STTF were brilliant as they provided help via the Big Difference Scheme, just when I needed it.  The whole process was simple and quick and helped me through a very difficult period.”

The team at STTF were able to confirm that Janet was eligible for the Big Difference Scheme and secure a substantial reduction on her water bill.

Janet is home now and on the road to recovery.  She is still undergoing treatment and does not know what the future holds but has the financial security to focus on getting well and continuing to care for her husband without worrying about getting into debt.

“I am grateful to STTF for the support they provided in helping me keep control of my finances and putting me in a position where I can be optimistic about the future.  I am one of the lucky ones having survived  a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and can move forward to  a new era of my life, better equipped to face the future.”

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