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Severn Trent Trust Fund helps fund service to support West Midlands Patients

A recently published report from the Money Advice Service (MAS) has shown the impact of services funded by the Severn Trent Trust Fund and NHS is having on West Midlands renal and IMD patients.

Between January 2017 and March 2018, Auriga Services received funding from the Money Advice Service to understand the benefits of delivering financial skills and confidence to patients to help them maintain their budgets long term.  No study had been undertaken previously on this subject with people suffering from long term illnesses.

The work took place in Birmingham and the West Midlands with renal failure patients and people with inherited metabolic disorders (IMD).

Chronically ill patients face difficulties when it comes to improving their finances due to a range of limitations they are faced with. Diagnosis and treatment for renal failure means for the majority of patients a loss of their salaried income which for many results in financial hardship.

The project was delivered through face to face advice and support in healthcare settings working with 409 renal and 73 IMD patients between January 2017 and January 2018. Along with the funding from MAS, the trust fund and the NHS supported the project allowing Auriga to support patients to maximise their income through:

  • Realising unclaimed benefits
  • Accessing grants
  • Supporting applications for Blue Badge and Disabled Person Bus Pass
  • Accessing special transport schemes for renal patients
  • Supporting patients to get local authority/housing providers to install home aids and adaptions
  • Accessing schemes to reduce council tax for disabled people and carers
  • Accessing utility provider special schemes that provide lower tariffs or discounts
  • Supporting applications for medical exemption cards/free prescriptions

Other notable areas of help included stabilising housing situations for patients, making more suitable repayments for arrears on tenancies, and in certain cases supporting patients in finding more appropriate accommodation. Auriga staff also placed patients on the Priority Services Register (PSR) which allows them to receive priority interventions in the event of a power outage or water interruption.

The study showed that the patients overall wellbeing, family relationships, reduced stress levels and health improved due to the interventions.  Patients diets were improved together with keeping their homes warm without worry made significant impacts.

The Severn Trent Trust Fund is an independent grant making charity. The Trust is helping people out of poverty thanks to generous donations from Severn Trent. If you are struggling and need help then please contact us here.

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